Monday, July 02, 2007

Canada Day in Photos part 2

We go for a hike every Sunday, and this Sunday was no different. As Jake and I sat at the parade someone announced that CAKE! would be served at a park. Of course, he wanted some. We then discussed how much better ice cream is then CAKE! How when there's only three of us, and nobody eats CAKE! that it would just eventually be thrown out. Anyway, the park with the CAKE! had no parking and we didn't really want to be stuck in the crowds. We don't even like CAKE! Neither does Jake really, I'm not sure why he feels it's not Canada Day without it. Instead, Hubs surprised us with a wonderful 10 km hike. It was that long because for the second time we've taken that trail, the man with the impeccable sense of direction got us LOST. I think we need to buy him a compass.

However, we did see some beautiful stuff along the way. However, I was too tired and gasping for air to take many pictures. I had been hoping for an easier walk, like the one we did on Saturday evening. I guess he thought we needed more exercise. You know, to work off the ice cream.

There's always nice ocean views around here, and he wasn't too into the trails. See honey? EASY. Without bears and dead snakes. Ones where we aren't gasping and saying, "where the heck is the TOP of this HILL?" He says he's just getting us in shape for Yellowstone. Which is great, but...NOW?

Of course on the easy hikes I can't resist stopping by the nice houses along the way and taking photos of their flowers, either. Even the birds were enjoying the evening.

After our grueling 10 km hike, we made it back to the house for dinner and enjoyed our sundaes; Breyer's vanilla topped with fudge sauce, bananas, strawberries, and whip cream. How can you get any better then that?

Of course, after which Jake piped up...

"So next year can we have CAKE?"

Note to self: Next year, present Jake with Canada Day CUPCAKES.

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