Wednesday, July 18, 2007


*After three weeks without chocolate oatmeal cookies, Hubs broke down and asked me to bake some. Of course, since he had also made me promise to stay away from the stores until grocery day (Saturday), my reponse was "sure. On Saturday." He was not impressed. Bwahahahah....I'm so mean.

*Jake was all pumped to go fishing yesterday. In the rain. I convinced him that standing in the rain was no fun, and so now he's going to be pressing to go today. Have I ever told you how much I hate fishing? We did go for a little walk the other day and found a lizard. Lizard!! Now that is weird, I've never seen a lizard in these parts. Apparently they do exist but I have no proof because it was too fast for my camera.

*I'm not nearly as obsessive over our vacation this year as I have been in previous years. Maybe it's because I've been to Moab. Or I have a good idea what to expect. This year I'm all laid back and...."Sure, the hotels are booked, the tours reserved, the route mapped. We just have to pack." I feel like I'm sitting here waiting to leave. :P All I need to do is get a hair cut, buy some travel medical insurance, and find a good bag.

*Our neighbors are home from their holiday. I suppose that means we can't water our back lawn on off days now. (oops! Did I just say that? )

*I actually fooled Hubs about the cookies~ I have all the stuff in the cupboard and plan to make them this afternoon. Who me? Mean? Never.

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