Friday, June 08, 2007

The Week in Review

Monday: go to the college that you have arranged (3 times) to take a typing exam at during your lunch break from work. Meet with secretary, only to be told that she didn't read the e-mail from your instructor with specific instructions on how to administer exam and you can't do it that day. Agree to come back Thursday. Bang head on desk in frustration.

Tuesday: spend a kid free day with the Hubs in the city for the first time 12 years. Chat over coffee and muffins at Starbucks, spend the afternoon psychoanalyzing your kid with the doctor, and run back home. It was a nice day, actually. We got a lot of interesting answers and maybe something that will help at school in the future. Realize that you instincts were right all along.

Wednesday: go to clinic to try to have doctor ordered blood test and be turned away because they are closing in 30 seconds. Here! I'll slit my wrist and you can have blood! Find out that clinic is only open during your work hours, and is closed during your lunch break. The only way to get the blood test done is to take an entire day off, slit your wrists, or go to the city. Again. Reassure your husband, who is saying, "But what if it's something SERIOUS?"

Thursday: Finally do the typing exam while your hands, if they could talk, would be swearing like a trucker at you. Decide that you don't even care if you pass anymore because you JUST WANT THE PAIN TO END. Glare at your computer because you want to blog but can't type. Wonder about stealing Hub's voice activated software and if it would actually work or instead say "gobbly-gook", as Jake says.

Friday: Accompany a bunch of kids on an outing to a lake and BBQ. Enjoy hamburgers, pass around your cookies, and sit in the sun. Be happy it's Friday and school is almost out.

And be very thankful in the end when they can't find the keys, that you had nothing to do with it.

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