Friday, June 01, 2007

Re-cap of the Week's Adventures

This week has been full and I'm glad that it's a warm and breezy Friday night with the promise of a Saturday morning just fresh for sleeping in tomorrow morning. This is about the time of year that those of us lucky enough to have jobs that allow us the summer off begin counting the minutes days down to the last day of school. I believe that the kids have pretty much turned their brains off already as the hallway fills with the smell of sunblock, the girls clothes slutty skimpy more summery, and Jake raids my cupboard for balloons to fill with water.

June. I love you, June. Only 20 days of work to go and then 2 blissful months of sleeping in, days at the beach, and time with Jake. Of course, having the summer off also means no pay check until September, but you can't have everything.

What else is going on in the Cookie Jar?

~ I have an exam for a typing class on Monday. Wish me luck! Typing still causes excruciating pain so I'm doing my best to not type much before the test. Okay technically blogging counts as typing, but I'm calling it practise. Just don't tell Hubs. (shh!!!!!!)

If I'm not careful, I'll be doing the test with my toes, and I don't think I'd pass then; especially since they have a tendency to go numb occasionally. My nose? Tongue? That could be interesting. Gross, too.

~ The other day I had a great incident where someone trailed juice down an entire hallway and I had to recruit kids to clean it up, only to have one give the other a bucket of water laced with Suave shampoo instead of soap. Then the kid mopping left huge puddles all over the place. Look! A small pond in the hallway! Let's go fishing! I had only minutes to get rid of the excess water before a stampede of smelly teenagers went through with dirty shoes and gave us the real life lesson that dirt + wet floor = mud. I'm sure the janitors have constructed "Wanted" posters with my picture on them. At least the shampoo made the floor smell nice, although nothing can counteract the smell of teenage boys that have been playing basketball.

~ Jake has informed me that we not only have to re-create the 'teacher's tea' from last year, but this year he wants to invite the entire staff from his school. At first I said no. I mean come on, that's a lot of people. But this boy has the guilt thing down cold. He looked at me with big eyes and said that he wanted to make sure they all knew how much he appreciated them, because after all, one of the people who came last year passed away in January. What if that happened to another person we care about? How can I say no to that?

~ Next week I have an appointment with Hubs over in the city, a field trip out to a lake, Jake has his sports day at school, and a there's pool party. It's also supposed to rain much of next week. Plus I don't think my bathing suit fits anymore. Which is fine because I have a severe case of bathing suit avoidance.

~ And in conclusion, I have been introduced to the craziness of our medical system, specifically the completely absurd lack of services in our area. I tried to make an optometrist appointment today. I explained that doc thinks I may have some serious illness, has referred me to a neurologist, and has recommended an eye exam. I'm hoping that this information will get me in a little quicker.

"Okay, I have you down for October."

You're kidding, right? And this is....the quickest? Four months? I then panic a bit about Jake and figure that if I don't get him in too then he'd be getting a driver's license before he could get his eyes checked so I book him one as well.

"Oh, I have one for August 14th."

"So, I don't get it. How come people seeing a neurologist and with a potential serious illness have to wait four months and my perfectly healthy 11 year old with no eye changes only waits two?"

"You are a new patient. He isn't. Your appointment will take longer." I stifle a laugh. With my kid lady, don't count on it. Besides, if I happen to have something nasty like...oh... a brain tumour, perhaps? By the time you finally fit me in to take a look I'd be..... um...DEAD?

I decided to call some offices in the city and find out when I can get an appointment there.

Would you believe...tomorrow?

How many people does that office here see? ...1 eye a freaking WEEK?

"Sure Frank, we saw the left eye today, but better book another appointment for ol' righty here. Hurry because we're filling up fast and if you're lucky we'll get you before you need bifocals."


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