Thursday, May 10, 2007

Yesterday in Numbers

Ferry rides for a field trip to amusement park: 2

Coffee bought while waiting in ferry line up: 3

Distance ran (with hot coffee in hand) so as not to miss ferry because the cars began boarding: 1/4 mile

Students that thought we'd been left behind: 23 ( I think they were a little disappointed when we appeared)

Fellow students/teachers at amusement park: 634

Chances of me running into my sister in law's sister: 1 in 100,000

Temperature in park: 16 degrees celcius

Kids that ended up sunburned despite insistance that they wear sunscreen: 4

Times I used my cell phone because I was lost in park: 8

Amount of cotton candy consumed: 10 mega jumbo bags

Kids that I tried to convince to ride the very scary ride: 12

Students that ultimately ended up puking: 1

Answered the question "Are we there yet?" on the way home: 54 times

Cupcakes baked after work for school carnival: 45

Times Jake was told no, he couldn't "lick the knife" he was using to ice said cupcakes: 746

Cupcakes stolen consumed by Jake and Hubs when I wasn't looking: 6

Cupcakes that the icing melted and had to be removed (darn that no-name icing crap), then eaten by Hubs and Jake: 6

Motrin I consumed over the course of the day: 2

Time I went to bed: 8 pm

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