Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Why Liesel Is Such a Cool Blogging Buddy

A box arrived in the mail today.

For ME?

How incredibly thoughtful!!

Jake's first question as we left the post office....

"Can I open it? Now? Please?"

No. It's addressed to me. Nothing comes through that mail box addressed to me, save for bills. I wanna open it! I clutched it tightly all the way to the car and ripped it open the minute we arrived home.

Inside were these pretty packages and a handwritten note. I love Liesel's stationary. It's funny how when you meet fellow bloggers online, there is just something about holding a note in their handwriting. Suddenly they aren't words on a computer screen but a real person, who sips tea and loves cheese and plays with their kids just like you do.

I finally relented and let Jake open the larger package. After all, the note had said the larger one was for our family, and the small one just for me. There were explicit instructions that I'm not to share.

Jake gasped as he saw the contents of the package.

"Are those ......REAL?" he sputtered.

At first we thought that the box on the bottom was real cocoa pods. In fact, they are better-cocoa pods made entirely of chocolate.

Did someone just say....chocolate?

The other box was absolutely fascinating. Inside is a book packed with facts and pictures about how chocolate is made, and the different types of chocolate from around the world. There are samples of chocolate in it's various forms-cocoa butter, the real pods, etc. Then there are wafter-like coins on the other side. Real samples of gourmet chocolate from around the world.

Jake sat for a full 20 minutes, scouring each bit over and commenting on how "incredibly neat" the whole thing is. It totally feeds into his obsessive-sciency-how things work nature.

"Did you know they use cane sugar instead of beet sugar?'

"And the pods are hand picked?"

"The story of chocolate really is an amazing one!"

(he's decided that we need to go to Mexico and tour a chocolate plantation already)

We had chocolate before we ate dinner tonight; sitting there at the kitchen table with our eyes rolled back, our lips stained, in complete chocolate ecstasy.

I mean, why not?

Later Jake asked where my secret-not-for-sharing-bar was. I wouldn't tell. It's hidden safely away for me to savor when I have the chance.

Because that's one treat I'm certainly NOT sharing.

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