Friday, May 11, 2007

What Do You Do?

What do you do when you are told that the symptoms you've suffered with for the past year or so could possibly be a life altering disease?

Do you cry?

Curse at the doctor?

I just nodded silently. It wasn't a surprise, really. I had already Googled the symptoms and come up with the exact same thing. Mind you, I was hoping that I was wrong. The words though, weren't anything that I completely didn't expect.

There is a good chance that I don't have it.

There is also a chance that I do. The only way to tell is to first wait and see, and then go for testing.

I'm waiting.

And hoping.

However, I already know that in the end, I'll go for testing.

If the result is negative, I'll celebrate. Chocolate ice cream for everyone!


I will live, and thoroughly enjoy, every bit of life I have right now, in spite of what happens. Knowing what it is, in some small way, may even be somewhat of a relief.

Chocolate ice cream for everyone anyway! With hot fudge and sprinkles just because!

Do I want pity?

No. I may be sick, but I'm not dead or dying.

Disability and disease, while life altering, aren't going to rule my life.

I won't let them.

I have things to do....
...stories to write..
...places to go...
...and people to love.

There is FAR too much left to do here.

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