Saturday, May 26, 2007

That Monthly Meal Plan Thing

Hey I posted awhile ago about doing a meal plan for the month...and I did. Really! I also tracked our groceries to see how much we spent, and what we spent, on what. It was really useful, actually. I did break down by week three and completely changed some of the things I was making, but that's okay. Sometimes you just gotta go with the big sales, you know? The best part was that I think I really saved money by knowing what I was going to make the next week and then planning for it.

It's weird to go back through it now in the last week of the month. For our family of three~one pre-teen, and two adults, we spent $649.61.

Not bad, really. I found that we spend $100 a month solely on milk and bread. The biggest money waster was cheese, but now I know and will buy it in bulk. Veggies were the biggest wastage of all, and that is easily fixed by buying much less. Otherwise I think we did pretty good! Can I make it even lower for next month? Let's see!

I apologize for not posting as many recipes as I wanted to, my illness kept me from typing and continues to make it difficult. I also feel that if a recipe was...adequate but not fantastic, I'm not sure about posting it. I share only the best, you see. But if you want to make a request, feel free!

At the moment I'm on the hunt for June recipes. The new 1 month plan will be up next weekend so keep your eyes peeled for it!

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