Friday, May 25, 2007

Tales from the Vacation

Eight whole days without blogging.


When I stated that I was going to give my hands a vacation, I thought I'd go crazy. No blogging? What would I do? How would I cope?

The answer is, quite okay, thanks.

I didn't really do anything exciting, to be honest. I saved most of my energy for work so I could get through the day. Tv became my evening pastime, where I would curl up with a pillow and a soft blanket, usually falling asleep by 9 pm before crawling into bed. When I could stay awake, I cheered when Jordan Sparks won American Idol and laughed during episodes of House.

We hiked through the woods while I tried to keep up, planted some geraniums in our front flower bed that I hope will live, and I tried new recipes like shrimp fried rice and quesidilla pie. Jake entered a mountain bike race where he placed 9th, and came home with tales of flying over the handlebars but still pulling through well enough to win a t-shirt. He was so proud of himself!

While my hands have not gotten any better, I'm learning to live with the pain as much as one can and just continue on. While my blogging in the weeks to come may been less often then daily, I'm still here!

...and hopefully, you will be too.

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