Friday, May 04, 2007

Role Reversal

"Mom! What's for dinner?"

It's 4 pm...when I'm usually making dinner. I hate this question, because usually I'm in the throes of trying to get supper on the table. But today it's Friday, so it's more relaxed. When Jake was little, this was my least favorite part of the day-trying to contain a toddler underfoot and cook was daunting. He would toddle up behind me and grab my legs, and then me a little nip on the back of the thigh. We called them "love nibbles." As he got older, he would complain of hunger and I'd pass him pieces of fruit or veggies, which he'd often drop on the floor.

My floor would have a trail of nibbled on veggies, which we then called "veggie nibbles."

"I'm making chick pea salad tonight." Things are easier with older kids. Grocery shopping is done on Saturday and since nobody is usually that hungry, we go for something light.

"I was hoping for something a little heavier. I'm really hungry."

I gently remind Jake that grocery day isn't until tomorrow, so unfortunately there just isn't much choice, really. He lets the idea roll around in his brain a bit before he decides to make some devilled eggs to go with his salad because that will fill him up a little more.

"Where's the recipe?"

"Over there."

"And where's the stuff?"

"In the fridge."

Before long the counter is filled with items, the eggs are happily boiling away in a pot of water, and he's reading the newspaper. No more love nibbles, no trail of half eaten veggies.

He comes in the computer room as I write this and pats me on the head and smiles down at me.

"Would you like some? I made extra."

I didn't count on this pleasant side effect; I wonder if it will be a fleeting stage like the love nibbles, or last longer, like the trail of veggies.

No matter. I'll just enjoy it. Now if only I could interest him in cleaning, I'd be all set.

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