Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day Art

Yesterday Jake presented me with this card...obviously the boy knows my love of coffee! Just look at it! Can you see the cup with the little one cup coffee filter on top, the scoop and the grounds, with the kettle? Very cute. He made it at school using Styrofoam meat trays, paint, and a roller.

Then he also gave me a book he'd made with this on the front to decorate it. I love getting art from Jake-some of his pieces are my most prized possessions. He also gave me some seeds to plant and a beautiful shell that he hot glued beach glass all over. Hubs normally would have taken him to the store, but between my health issues and his work, we've had a lot on our minds and we both forgot about Mother's Day. I didn't care-Jake is just at the age now where he's doing these things himself, which he should be! There's a beach close by our house that is teeming with beach glass. In fact, today we plan to go back and find some more. All you do is sift through the smooth stones, and you are guaranteed to find some. Besides, all I wanted was a nice peaceful day with my guys anyhow.

We went for a walk that afternoon, then off to Tim Hortons for an iced cappuccino. I had been salivating for their famous strawberry tarts, but alas, the cupboard was bare. Literally. I think everyone in town had decided to visit Tim Hortons because it looked as though some rabid animal had gone through and consumed every treat in the entire place. I had even planned to make some tarts this week, but the strawberries at the store didn't look so promising. Next week, perhaps?

As we came back to the house and settled in to watch Lord of the Rings: Return of the King on TV, I noticed something. Something I had long overlooked that should have been taken care of months ago. Something that....well...just shouldn't be around in May, of all times. Something I'm embarrassed to show you.

Our gingerbread house. From Christmas.

Pretend you didn't see that.

Is it just me that's amazed that the candy is still on it, intact? Jake didn't even touch it. I was the one that pried off some of the jujubes. That is just a little strange, if you ask me.

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