Saturday, May 12, 2007

Life Goes On...Interview Alert!

I didn't realize how much yesterday's post would freak people out, and I'm sorry. Some of you should have received some warning before I posted it. I want you all to know though that I really am fine. Sure, I don't feel great these days. But I could wallow in it, or suck it up and keep going.

Which is exactly what I'm choosing to do!

Hey, and on that note.....Dustanne is interviewing me!

1. Who is the person you admire most and why?

My husband. May sound a bit cheesy, I know. I won't post his story here, but he's overcome a lot of adversity in his life and remains a positive, determined person. Every day he still is surrounded with ignorance when it comes to his dyslexia, and he handles it with such grace. I'm so inspired by him to stay positive and look at the bright side in situations, and I know that if I do have to face anything big and scary he'll be there.

2. You are given 5 choices and the choice you choose will be paid for. Do you choose - a new car, a new house, a vacation, to make a donation, or unlimited craft supplies?

A house! House! House! Ever since the 2010 Winter Olympics were announced, housing prices in parts of BC tripled. The average two story house in our area is about $700,000+ and so many people can't afford one. We are choosing to wait awhile until things drop (please drop) because it's becoming absolutely ridiculous. I'd be so thrilled to have a house again. Nothing huge and fancy, mind you. A nice 1900 square foot rancher with a good sized yard, and a big kitchen. MUST have a big kitchen. We do have plans to eventually build, but we'll see how that goes.

Jake would like 100 acres so he can conduct experiments, Mythbusters style.

3. You and hubby are offered free babysitting but only for an hour, what do you do in that hour? (if your children are older, pretend they are young)

You're all thinking sex, aren't you. lololol!

When Jake was young, John had a touring motorcycle. I'd love to have that motorcycle back for one hour to go for a ride on a clear, sunny day. Or, failing that, we'd end up going to the bakery we love by the ocean and get a coffee, then stroll along the beach just beside it and talk, picking up beach glass along the way.

We rarely get alone time without Jake. It's scandalous, I know.

4. Your family and in laws are coming over for dinner but your house is a disaster. Do you clean like crazy while trying to cook dinner? Cancel the whole thing? or Hire a made and get take out?

I'm lucky-I don't have in-laws. I'm not that worried about my own parents. I'd probably get Jake to spot clean the bathrooms, and Hubs would pitch in and tidy up too. Failing that, we'd do a quick sweep by throwing all the junk in a laundry basket and hiding it in the closet. :P

The other option is to get Jake to help me cook so I'd have time to clean, too.

5. You are reading a book and some 'racy' parts come up. Do you skip over it? Read it? or put the book down and not read it at all?

Skip? No way. I'd read them first. After all, sometimes they are the best parts of the book! Lolol!

Do you want to be interviewed? E-mail the Cookie Jar and leave your address, and I'll send you some questions.

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