Saturday, April 28, 2007

Kitchen Therapy

I've had a rough week, full of un-bloggible things that have had me in a sad/bitchy/touchy mood, so today I took to my kitchen. There's nothing like cooking to get my mind off of things, and cook I did! What did I make?

Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies (of course, that's a Saturday staple and Hubs would whine if I didn't)

Vegetarian Lasagne-instead of one large, I did two small and froze them for the week ahead

Turkey Chili-a big pot, also frozen for the week ahead

Chicken and brown rice soup-for my lunches at work..

and these little tasty morsels of goodness:

I had made them last week with some students in the
Cooking Class that I help out in at work, and couldn't resist also making them at home. Delish!

Want the recipe? Go check out Recipes From the Cookie Jar.

Now my fridge and freezer are stocked, and I feel much, much better.

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