Friday, April 06, 2007

Flowers for Mom

The other day Jake skipped into the house and presented me with these beautiful daffodils. I love spring flowers and how they nod their pretty heads in the cold mornings of spring. Tulips, hyacinths, and daffodils far surpass roses in my mind.

One thing I've always tried to impart to my son is that you have to treat the women in your life nicely. Bring them flowers, listen to them, be their friend. I want him to grow to be the kind of man that respects and treasures the women in his life.

At dinner time we pointed them out to Handy Dad as we ate, looking at their pretty yellow petals when he asked,

"So Jake, whose garden did you get them from?"

Daffodils don't grow wild; he must have swiped them from somewhere.

"Well, there were some in the garden in the park, and I just picked these ones."

"Just those?" as good parents should, we reminded him that those flowers are for everyone to enjoy and while I loved the gesture, he shouldn't be picking them.

He turned a bit red and his eyes turned down towards his plate.

" for the girl I was walking home with, too."

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