Monday, April 23, 2007

De ja vu

Today I went to get x-rays of gimpy. You know, the neck thing that is bugging me. We have somewhat of a medical personnel shortage where I live, and you have to make appointments weeks ahead of time for such things. God help you if it's urgent, which is probably what I would've thought last week as I hobbled around the house looking like the hunchback of Notre Dame. If it was Halloween you could've thrown a sheet over me and I would've been perfect for trick or treating.

"Please go put on a robe and sit down." I was told crisply by the technician manning the desk.

I hate those robe things. First of all, who came up with the bright idea of a three arm holed hospital robe? Is it supposed to cover us enough so we don't show our butts? I held the thing up and looked at it thoughtfully. Right arm first? Maybe left. Why is it that the extra bits covers only one boob, and the other side where only one layer of cloth covers is delightfully see through? Oh yes, like I'd love to waltz out there like this in front of the teenage boy sitting in the waiting area.

Why hello there, yes, I work at your school and I'm sitting here with a see through robe thingy on. No way.

So, to keep all the bits covered, I put on two. That would be sufficient material to cover me, thank-you.

As I sat and waited, I perused the magazines. I hate x-rays almost as much as the dentist. As I sit, I inevitably worry, and the thoughts balloon into unreasonable proportions. What if it's serious? What if it requires surgery? What if I'm destined to walk like a Hunchback my entire life? I mean, right now just moving without pain would be a good thing. But...what if?!?!

Hmmm. Reader's Digest. This looks interesting. There's even an article about blogging.

I opened the magazine and squinted at the picture. Pretty woman, about my age. Two beautiful blond little girls. Something about them seemed familiar, but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. I knew these faces, didn't I? And then it hit me.

It was Andrea from A Peek Inside the Fishbowl. Andrea, whose blog I enjoy quite regularly. Andrea, who participated in my candy swap not long ago.

"Hey! I know her!" I thrust the magazine at the woman next to me.
"Oh, she's a friend of yours?"
"Well, we both blog, and I've never really met her, but she....."my voice trailed off as the woman looked at me strangely.

Uhh...ya. We've never met in real life. So I really can't claim to know Andrea, except through her blog and we've exchanged a few e-mails. But you know, I don't know about you, dear reader, but I have always felt that there's a sense of community among Bloggers, you know? Especially us Mummy/Daddy types. We stick together and...when I started blogging I felt really warmly welcomed by the more experienced ones, which was really nice.

I became so absorbed in the article that I didn't even hear the x-ray technician call my name, but as I put it down to go be tortured x-rayed, I took one more look at the picture of Andrea and her beautiful girls. It was almost like we'd just bumped into each other right there in the x-ray office-even though we've never met. And for a brief bit there, I was completely distracted from my own anxieties about the entire x-ray experience. There was a person whose blog I enjoy, right there in front of me. Cool!

What a great surprise. Thanks, Andrea!

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