Wednesday, July 13, 2011

From the Archives: The First Ever Cookie Crumbs

Way back in April 2007 (wow, seriously that long ago?) I began to write about small conversations, funny moments, etc and call them Cookie Crumbs. This was the first one!

Me: "Hon, Hon, come quick! Look! I'm nominated as blog of the week!"

(Hubby reads carefully)

Hubs: "So, do I have copyright on my snore?" he asks, scratching is head.

Me: "Maybe if I record it. Should I? You know the camera can take video."

Hubs: "No."

Me: "But it would be funny."

Hubs: "NO. Now the world knows me as the snoring guy because you published it."

Me: "Oh relax, you okayed it and anyway, I probably snore too."

Hubs: "You DO. But it's indescribable."


Me: "So you see Kevin, if a fire happens, that thing up there on the ceiling makes a noise and the firemen come to put it out."

Kevin, 3 years old, stares at the ceiling in wonder.

Days later, toast is forgotten, begins to burn, and the smoke alarm goes off.

Kevin: "FIREMEN COMING! FIREMEN COMING!" he yells as he runs in circles, then stands under the smoke detector and stares at it intently.

Kevin: "MOMMY!"

Me: "Yes Kev?"

"The fireman is SLOW! Why won't he come out?"


Kevin and I are at a local community college to pick up some books for my online courses. A sign says, "Please Note: We can't make change for you, you must make it for yourself!"

Kevin: "Mom, what does that sign mean?"

Me: "Well that means that if you mess up; like if you are late for registering for something, or you miss a test, they can't change things for you. You have to change your life yourself."

Secretary: "Um, actually it means we don't make change for the BUS."

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