Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Candy Swap Box, part two

-Hershey's Cookie and Cream bar: Jake's favorite
-Lime Margarita filled dark chocolate: which Jake talked about the entire day we had gone to the city for his assessment, and promptly ate when we came home
-Apple Cider filled dark chocolate: Mmm...haven't eaten yet.
-Crunky: rice krisp filled chocolate. Looks tasty!
-Lidnt dark chocolate bar: which Hubs promptly stole and nibbled before we noticed. Jake was not pleased.

-dark M&Ms. Ooo! We've seen the ads but they aren't in the stores here. Jake told Hubs that he'd better not touch them, and if he does, he must share.
-Raspberries in Dark chocolate: Can't wait to try it, looks so yummy
-M&M minis: I've never seen a tube so big! Remember, American candy is a lot bigger then Canadian.

-Pop Rocks: Funny thing is we were going to send some to Liesel, Kevin has never tried them and is excited about the prospect.
-Various small candies: Mmm...yummy! Liesel said her grandmother used to buy them all the time. I can see why!
-That package with the lemon and Asian writing: some very tasty lemony flavored Starburst like candy. Love 'em. Jake wants to visit the Asian markets in Richmond to see if we can find them here too.

Nerds: Yay! Nerds! Kevin hasn't seen those flavors before.
Skittles: Oh my...smoothie flavored? They were delish. It was hard to refrain from eating the whole package
Ice Breakers Tropical Sours: These are one of our favorites, and we are doling them out carefully lest we eat the entire package in one fell swoop. I saw a similar package (different flavor) when I was shopping today and did a happy dance.
Rainbow Twizzlers: Never seen those before!
Life saver Gummies: Mm! Chewy!

Wow Liesel, you spent way more then $8-10. We had such fun with this and we have enough candy to last us a long time. Plus considering that our week was a little rough, it provided a much needed distraction for our entire family. Thank-you!

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