Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Candy Swap Box, Part One

Our candy box arrived awhile ago and while I was incredibly excited about it, I wanted to wait until we'd at least sampled some of the contents before I wrote much about it.

And sample we have. While I didn't take Liesel and Daniel's route of taking a bite of everything, we have eaten our fair share of treats. Although the "Candy box" has a rule in our house: Anything that is opened MUST be shared. (with the exception of us each picking out our very favorite item all for ourselves-or in Hub's case, he who can sneak off with something without the others noticing.)

Upon seeing the box for the first time, Jake immediately dumped and sorted it. What's up with that? Why do kids sort candy?

I used to do that at Halloween. Chocolate in one pile, chips in another, hard candies all together, etc.

Jake was eyeing this lovely box with interest, but Liesel had mentioned it was just for me. Me! For my birthday! Inside were delectable truffles, all handmade, from New York! Oh my! I have tried to refrain from eating the entire box and just savor one now and then. They have really made my homework sessions at the computer a little sweeter. (and isn't the packaging just beautiful?)

The other items include (please go on to the next post below because I couldn't fit it all in ):

-Rolo (yes! I love Rolo!)
-Smarties: which to me it's very strange to see what we call "Rockets" in Canada labeled as Smarties. Smarties here are chocolate. It's just...wrong! But they taste the same.
-Push Pop: Jake loves Push Pops. Adores. And I never let him eat one, until now.
-not pictured: Juicy Drop pop: Kevin loved the orange-y flavor and it was the first thing he pilfered from the box. It's another candy that I never buy him. He has declared his love for Liesel's candy choosing quite often these days.
-a lovely dark chocolate bunny: Hubs stole that when we weren't looking. He said it was "delicious". I think he ate it in one bite with his coffee.
-Russell Stover chocolate mint thingy-Mmm....looks yummy.

....continued below

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