Friday, March 16, 2007

Holidays+Family Time=Viruses

We just can't win. For some odd reason, viruses and other germy beasts sense when a holiday is approaching and promptly invade our house. Do they have a calendar? Is it circled in red with the words "Attack NOW!" posted on it? I'm starting to suspect they do.

Let's look at the past history. There was Christmas, where Handy Dad ended up in the ER. There have been years past where every single holiday has had one of us fall ill to some stupid virus. One year I even passed out cold in the bathroom because I was so completely ill from a sinus infection (boy, that was fun).

Our town has had so many sick people recently that the Health Authority needed to be called. Not to mention the rumours of a Norwalk outbreak (to which I have unfortunately been exposed). At work I'm beginning to feel like I have OCD, with the amount of handwashing I'm doing.

Touch the counter?

Wash your hands.

Use a pencil?

Wash your hands

Someone sneeze across the room?

For God's sake, wash your hands!

It shouldn't have been any surprise when Jake staggered out of his bedroom this morning.

"I don't feel good Mom." he coughed all over my arm. Mmm...sure babe, just pass those germs around.

At least he didn't throw up on me. A note to all of you with little kids-they do eventually stop puking on you.

I'm not a Mom that generally sends her kid to school sick. If he's got a fever or is throwing up, I keep him home. It's the on-the-edge type of things that I'm never really sure about. Send him and risk the call that could come an hour later? Or keep him home and potentially watch him bounce around the house?

"Do you think you could make it through the morning?"

God I'm such a rotten Mom. He is looking a little green. Come to think of it, I'm not feeling that hot myself.

"Okay, I think I'll try until recess. Then I'll call you if I can't."

He fixed some cereal and just sat there, staring off into space. I began to get ready, but pretty soon I had to sit down myself. Hot. Cold. Achy. Nauseated. Icky all over. Of course Handy Dad is out of town for the day so we're on our own, and I completely caved. Call it self preservation. Call it making sure we don't make everyone else sick.

Sounds like a good day for movies and ginger-ale, if you ask me.

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