Saturday, March 10, 2007

Saturday Baking in the Jar

For years, I have always baked on Saturdays. Whether it's cookies, muffins, brownies, or a fruit crisp, I learned long ago that baking on the weekend frees up my week.

Not just that but these days, I'd rather put a healthy home made muffin in Kevin's lunch then a granola bar. Today I made brownies, 2 dozen muffins, and about 5 dozen chocolate oatmeal cookies.

These muffins are Honey Oatmeal Muffins, to which I added some dried papaya and pineapple. I know without a doubt that they are delectable because I stole one out of the pan right after I took this picture. I'm not sure about the dried papaya, but the pineapple is tasty. It's supposed to be raisins. I'm not a raisin lover. I would like to try dried apples and cranberries next time. Want the recipe? It's over here.

John had been bugging me about how neglected he was because he was out of his favorite Chocolate Oatmeal cookies. I made a triple batch-that should keep him quiet for awhile. I freeze most of them and then dole them out a bit at a time.

They are my favorite too, but I admit that I'm tired of them. My god, he will eat them even if they are stale! He loves his cookies.

Kevin had requested pumpkin muffins. These ones have some whole wheat flour and bran in them so they look very healthy!

And it's just not baking day without a mishap. My tea towel was underneath the carton of eggs. I grabbed the edge of it and pulled, not realizing that it would upset the eggs. By the time I noticed and tried to catch the egg carton, the eggs flew from their spaces and hit the floor.

I was left standing there with the empty carton and this mess. John and Kevin thought it was hilarious! Me, not so much.

Now it's late, the goods have cooled, the dishes are washed, and I can tidy up and go to bed. The house smells like a bakery!

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