Thursday, March 29, 2007

On Advice

Remember what it's like to recieve unsolicited advice from strangers? Whether you're pregnant or have kids, people seem to just want to tell you what to do. Some advice is good, like the woman who recommended Peach Apricot Honeybush Tea to me in the grocery store. Some is just plain BAD.

For instance, when Kevin was 13 months old some woman demanded that he should be WALKING! at the grocery store because after all, he had nice shoes on. Even when I told her that he couldn't walk, didn't even pull up at that point, she didn't care. He had feet, nice shoes, and dammit......

"He should be WALKING." she said firmly. Whatever. We wheeled away while she shook her head in disdain.

Right. I'm going to haul a 25 lb kid through the store. The very same kid that is gross motor delayed and screams like a banshee when we make him walk. NO THANKS. If I did that, you'd be calling Social Services because it would sound more like I'm torturing him.

Then there was another lady in the grocery store when Kevin was 4 years old, who turned and gave him a withering look over her reading glasses. She inquired if he was a BAAAAAAAD boy because he had the nerve me to ask what Tylenol was. She then asked if he had ADHD.

I promptly told her to **** off. In my head, of course, because the first words out of my mouth were,

"No. He's four. Are you just incredibly rude to everyone you meet?"

So today, Kevin's attitude was one I think would be useful to all of us who get a little discouraged by the people who like to think they know what they are talking about, but really don't have a clue.

"Mom, I told my friends that I have exercise induced asthma, and you know what they said?"

"What?" We were literally driving him to the store to get the inhaler that the doctor prescribed yesterday and didn't have time to pick up. Kevin was wheezing away like a train whistle in the back seat.

"They said there's no such thing. Jennifer said that, and she even has asthma." he began to sound really annoyed. "So I told them that I was right there when the doctor said it, and they STILL said there was no such thing."

"What did you do?"

"I said, who do you think I'm going to believe, a couple of dumb kids or a DOCTOR? That shut them up right away," he sounded very satisfied with himself.

Now if all of us Moms could have that kinda confidence we'd be set.

(By the way, exericise induced asthma is very real. Some info is here and here for anyone who questions the whole idea. Yep, the medical professional wins hands down.)

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