Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Great International Candy Swap

In honor of this blog's anniversary in April, along with the fact that one of my favorite candy-themed holidays is looming, we have come up with an idea...namely (cue drumroll)

The Great International Blogger Candy Swap!

Here's the plan.....

1. We will try to match up bloggers from Canada with those from the USA (if we have too many from one country, maybe some from the East vs West coasts?). My apologies to those from other countries-we'd love to include you, but the shipping alone would cost the same as my car. However, if you can find people from your own continent, then go for it!

2. Each participant will buy $8-$10 worth of candy-Don't worry too much about if you can get it in Canada vs. USA. It's hard to tell. We started out with $5 worth of candy, but you can't buy much for that. With shipping we're trying to keep it low. Buy candy that you liked as a kid, that's popular in your area, that's made by local business/vendors, etc.

3. Participants must be willing to share a mailing address to where the candy can be sent, and e-mail it to me. You don't have to use your home address, use a friend's or a work place. I will not share either address with anyone. I do need to be able to contact you. There is a link to my e-mail in my side bar.

4. Candy must be sent in it's original, unopened packaging. Think Halloween. Send gum, chips, hard candies, gummies, chocolate, etc. Be creative! Send stuff that you liked as a child!

5. You must write a post about it-either what you bought, what you recieved, rate the candy, tell us if your kids liked it, etc. If you do not have a blog, then you can post your ratings in my comments section.

You have until Sunday, March 25 to get your name in the swap. After that we'll aim to have the stuff sent out by April 1st so that most of it should arrive around Easter.

Sound like fun? Who wants to swap?

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