Sunday, March 25, 2007

Chocoholic Paradise

Photo by Virtual Ern
Yesterday we awoke early and made our way to the city for the day. A trip to the city is a big excursion, necessitating waking up at 5am, boarding a large ferry, and a good hour drive. We make nothing less then a day's trip of it, never getting home before 7 pm and always laden with packages. While most can just drive to their destination, the reality for some residents of BC is that one must factor in a costly ferry ride with every trip away from home so we wait until we actually need a bunch of things before we make a run for the city.

We wandered the mall looking for new runners for me, stopping to get John a haircut and some socks. Going to the city makes me feel like we've suddenly hit paradise, where we can buy anything. Socks? Sure, there's racks of them! Kids shoes? Tons!

One store we always visit is Purdy's. You can't miss their purple awning, nor the smell of chocolate that beckons you to enter the store. When I was a kid we would always go to Purdy's and order an ice cream bar dipped in chocolate and rolled in nuts. Purdys is just a family tradition in this house. The staff in the store knows Jake by name. Their chocolate was used for favors at my wedding, I gave John a chocolate bunny to tell him I was pregnant, and every Easter Purdy's chocolate graces the Easter baskets. It's the family law.

Not having lived near a Purdys for something like 10 years, one has to be creative. You can order the chocolate online or through school fundraisers. Or if you're like us and you're in the city before Easter, you can take advantage of the opportunity-which is exactly what we did. I've even been known to beg family and friends to just send us some, please!

"See? That's what Mom likes. Buy THOSE." I not so subtly point to a box of chocolate covered cherries. Jake looks at me, completely confused. Buy? Mom? Why? Typical pre-teen. In my house, Easter candy is my domain. John rocks when it comes to birthdays and Christmas, but he's never bought anything Easter-y. So if I want chocolate, I must buy my own.

I shoo Jake and Handy Dad out of the store while I pick up the Easter basket goodies. Dark chocolate Lilliput eggs. Dark chocolate covered nuts and treats for the candy swap box. I agonize over choices and finally find myself at the cash register, happily plunking down plastic for over $25 worth of candy. I would never spend that much anywhere else, but trips to Purdy's are different.

It's not until an hour later that I realize that I forgot something.

In the frenzy to buy what I needed to for everyone else, I forgot myself. Not one item in the bag is for me, and I can't even share what I've bought for Jake or hubby because they contain NUTS. Come Easter, I'm going to be completely Purdy's chocolate-less. It's unthinkable!

So this morning, coffee in hand, I logged into their website to see if I could just buy the chocolate online. I mean never mind that we'll be back in the city in a few weeks, right? While I'm poking around, I noticed something. No. Can't be.


A Purdy's factory tour. Tour! A chance to see how their delectable chocolate treats are made! We have always wanted to go to one-it would be heaven!
I practically hyperventilate until I see the date.


On my birthday.

And we've already done the trip to the city.

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