Monday, March 19, 2007

Candy Swap Update

Entered in the Candy Swap so far are....

Leisel from Dante's Inferno with Child (forget candy, just send cheese....kidding!)
Adria from Chez Adria
Kayla Rain from Kayla Rain's Pains
Tara from Spilling the Milk
Teresa of Georgian Blues
Amy of no-fixed-blogging-address
and me, of course.


Anyone? Where's all the Canadians? Geez, don't make me ashamed of my fellow country-bloggers, people!

By the way, when I went shopping for candy today I found that $5 was a woefully small amount of candy. Methinks it should be upped to at least $8-10. I mean, I don't really want to send just a few chocolate bars, know what I mean? But then, this is Canada where a chocolate bar is $1 each. Use your discretion.

It would be very easy to get carried away with this, I'm finding. Especially when you let your kid have input into what you're sending.

"Mom! Daniel would love these! We have to send some! And...don't I get any?!?!"

Five days left to enter....hurry up and join in the fun!

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