Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Axe Murderers Who Blog and Swap Candy

After reading and sympathizing with Liesel over at Dante's Inferno about her feelings over her 5 year old wanting to read her blog, I should have known it was coming on this end too.

Jake:"My friends like your blog, Mom. They read it, you know."

I stopped short. An overwhelming sense of Oh my GOD oh my GOD oh my GOD began to take over. I began to mentally go through every post I could think of that could potentially embarrass my 11 year old. No boob talk? Check. No sex talk either. Nothing about potty training, how he ran around the house naked as a child, that sort of thing. (oops-now I wrote it. Ack!)

Jake:"The girls really like the recipes."

Oh my GOD oh my GOD

Jake:"And I think it helps them understand me a bit better."

Oh my GOD oh my GOD oh my...huh?

Me: "Well, I don't post anything about you that would be embarressing, I think. And I often ask you if I can write about things. Is that okay with you? I can stop writing about you any time you want. Or delete stuff even."

Jake: "Na, it's okay. I like it."

(insert gigantic sigh of relief)

Jake:"But Mom, I have a question."

Me:"Uh huh?"

Kevin: "Well we've been doing a thing about Internet safety at school, and how is you doing a candy swap with bloggers that you've never met any different then sending stuff to people on My Space? I mean, for all you know, they could be axe murderers."

Me:"Well they are Mommy/Daddy bloggers."

Jake: "So?"

Me:"And most of them I've read their blogs for a long time."

Jake:"They could still be faking."

Me:"And it's not like I'm giving them all MY address."

Jake:"But we're still getting candy from strangers." I can tell that he's thinking this whole things goes against every safety rule we drilled into him as a child. I've given our address to a person I've never met. I'm accepting candy from them. Good Lord, they could be some prison escapee bent on poisoning our family with margarita lime filled chocolate! (which was so thoughtfully picked out and we've drolled over ever since we saw the picture).

Me: "I suppose that when you are an adult you are better able to make those decisions because you aren't convinced so easily. It's a little like Halloween. Besides, our partner already has our address and she sent us those awesome cookie cutters awhile ago."

Jake:"Our partner is Liesel?" The name rolls off his tongue like it's a long lost friend. He hasn't read her blog either, but I talk about some fellow bloggers with him and John as if they were the neighbors. They have had a great laugh over some of the stories from Looky Daddy, for instance. Especially this one.

Jake: "Oh that's good then. We know that SHE isn't an axe murderer. Is that her real name?"

Me:"No, I don't know what her real one is."


Oooohhhhhhhhhhh boy.

We then had a nice little discussion about how he wasn't going to share the whole candy swap business with any of his friends or teachers because they would likely all think I'd gone insane.

So yes, Mommy blogs. And no, we won't be telling ANYONE.

(Speaking of the Candy Swap, there's 3 days left to get your name in! Please e-mail me if you'd like to participate. Details/rules for the swap are here.

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