Monday, March 19, 2007

10 Reasons Why Road Trips are Better then Planes

1. You don't have to camp overnight at a passport office. Passports for land travel aren't required until December 2007.

2. Airline contraband=shampoo/toothpaste/hair gel
International Road Trip contraband=fresh fruits, veggies, or beef

3. You won't be kicked out of your car because your kids are screaming

4. You won't be subjected to watching James Bond movies

5. There's a lot more food selection. Have you seen how many fast food restaurants are along the I-5 from Seattle to Sacramento?

6. If your luggage is lost, it's because you're a moron, or you forgot to close your trunk.

7. You can pack as much as you want and the only consequence is you have nowhere to sit.

8. If you run out of gas, you won't crash. Just don't do it in New Mexico.

9. You don't have to share your car with 100 potentially germ carrying passengers.

10. You won't wake up next to a dead stranger

And most of you thought WE were the crazy ones? I'm sticking to cars, thanks.

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