Saturday, February 24, 2007

Why You Shouldn't Call me When I'm Sleeping

photo by TJ Scenes
It began yesterday morning at 7am.

All three of us, blissfully sound asleep or slightly so, relishing the warmth and comfort of our beds.


Huh? That's not my alarm clock.


What the....? Who would be calling at this hour? From California? I don't know anyone in California.


My sleepy "hello" is met with silence. There is no breathing on the other end, no sign of a human prescence at all. Instead it's just dead quiet. Which is exactly what our house was like before they called us.

I hang up the phone and roll over.


Again? The silence on the other end mocks me, as if to say,

"HA! Woke you up, sucker."

We went along with our day, passing the incident off as a one time thing until this morning. This morning was different. It's Saturday morning, which is our morning to sleep in.

You see, as the parents of an only child in the pre-teen stages, we have reached the blissful area of parenthood where one has to bribe the kids to get them out of bed, and they are happily self sufficient. In fact, Jake sometimes makes me breakfast. My peers often look at me in envy as they describe getting up early to feed and help clothe their little early risers. I left that area of parenting awhile ago and I must say, I don't miss it.

As the clock struck 7 am this morning, we were all blissfully sound asleep with no plans of rising until at least 9 am.


What the HELL?


It's California again. Handy Dad rolls over and demands that I don't answer it because by now, I'm ready to let it rip at whoever has the nerve to be calling us on our DAY OFF.


Later on, once I'm completely awake, I do an Internet search of the phone number to find out who it is that is calling. I find that someone in downtown LA is the culprit, but the phone isn't registered to anyone who I can call and scream at. Lucky for them.

Handy Dad says we should just ignore it and they'll eventually quit.

I'm more tempted to blast an air horn into the phone the next time they call.

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