Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A Walk in the Woods

Last week we found a new spot to go hiking. The trail was a bit muddy and mushy, and twisted here and there so we were occasionally stopping and checking our direction with Kevin's compass. Good thing these guys know how to read one, because if it was me, we'd be up in Alaska by now.

We are always fascinated by colonies of fungus. They come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors-these ones were so bright that I couldn't resist taking a picture.

If you've never seen the trees here, they look almost Seuss-ian in ways. Some are so covered with moss and lichen that they are actually furry! strange, huh?

Our hard work slogging through the mud and climbing over fallen trees rewarded us with this beautiful view of the waterfall-the steam was rising off of it, the sun pouring through the trees, it was truly beautiful.

As we were admiring it, Jake had to go wading of course.

"It's not even cold Mom," he quipped.

Until he went too far and his boots filled up with water.

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