Monday, February 12, 2007

Sunday Walk

Our usual Sunday walk was out in the woods this weekend. It was wet and rainy, but still pretty mild. We enjoy walking at this park often-the trail meanders by the river where we cross these rustic looking bridges. Jake enjoys panning for gold in the creek now and then too.

This is what they were looking at from the bridge. Pretty, huh?

Since we live in a temperate rainforest, everything was green and dewy. Salal grows everywhere and the leaves just glisten after a rain.

With all the trees that have fallen down I couldn't resist taking this macro shot. The rings stood out so much!

Sunday walks are my favorite part of the week. Handy Dad and I stroll hand in hand, Jake runs ahead and then runs to catch up, and we chat about our week with each other. During this walk both of them were interested in what I was taking pictures of, stopping occasionally to point out a mushroom here or a fungus there. At the very end of the trail I found this huge one!

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