Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Required Reading Part 2

Looking for some new reading? My "Blogs to Read" folder in my Bookmarks just keeps getting longer and longer. I read some, I click on the blogrolls in other blogs, and I find more I like. I so need to share with you.
So here goes, in no particular order......

1. Motherhood Uncensored-Kristen just had a very cute little baby, and obviously Mommyhood hasn't affected her brain cells like they did mine. I'm not sure I'd be writing in coherant sentences so soon after. I can surely relate to her feelings on the in-laws, and she always gives me a good laugh. Besides, she's a little naughty and writes things that I'd be too chicken too. So her blog is a bit of a guity pleasure.

2. Along with Suburban Turmoil, of course. With my near cornary over someone in my town reading my blog, I don't know how Lucinda does it. But she is absolutely hilarious, and I have nearly spit my coffee all over my screen more then once. I love her "pissed list". Too. Funny.

3.Dishpan Dribble-Mrs. D homeschools her two kids, bakes and cans up a storm, and generally inspires me to become homey and domestic while I stare at my laundry and continue to blog. Move over, Martha. You've got nothing on Mrs. D.

Okay, I'm going to go read now. I missed my day of skiing with Jake to go to an interview, for job that I don't think I'll get anyway. However I think the boy is learning how to work his way into a woman's heart already.

He brought me back a chocolate bar. I'm such a lucky Mom. :)

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