Thursday, February 01, 2007

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

So you know, I don't complain about my guys here in the jar much. My husband is pretty damn great, and so is my kid.

I don't say anything when I go to make a coffee and the can only has a few forlorn looking grains of coffee and scooper.

I still say nothing when I reach for the margarine container, and there's enough to cover 1/16 of my piece of toast. Or when there are 3 containers of honey, all in various stages of fullness.

Even better, I keep my mouth shut when I vacuum and hours later someone tracked dirt all over the carpet.

But putting an empty cardboard skeleton of a paper towel roll right back in the cupboard in front of four brand new rolls of paper towel is enough to push me over the edge, apparently. I wish I had a picture, really I do. After my mini-rant of "Would you guys please put the recycling in the container instead of the cupboard?" to which the Hubs exclaimed, "It wasn't ME!", Jake promptly disposed of the evidence.

It's called a recycling bin boys, how about I start putting the remote to the tv in it?

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