Monday, February 05, 2007

Love Letters

Today was busy. It feels like February is going to be one of those months that just flies by in a nanosecond, where I'm left holding a bag and wondering where the heck my Valentine chocolates went.

In fact, sitting down right now to write this is the first time I've sat and relaxed all day.

Anyway, this afternoon while I was at the school getting Jake and fielding cell phone calls with appointments that were throwing my entire week out of whack, Jake wordlessly handed me an envelope.

I stared at it with dread. The last time he had written me a letter he had gotten in trouble for taking something off the teacher's desk and breaking it. What did he do this time? As I thumbed the edge of it and began to rip open the paper, I caught the first line.

"This letter is to tell you I love you."


I realized at that moment that this was no "I'm in trouble and they are making me write this to tell you" letter, but instead a love letter.
"Read it NOW Mom!" Jake begged, hugging me tightly.
"Sweetie I want to wait until we get home and I'll give it my full attention," I kissed him on the head. We arrived home and I stood in the middle of the kitchen, reading it while Jake wrapped his arms around my waist.

Dear Mom,

This letter is to tell you that I love you. I appreciate all the vacations you have taken me on. They are so interesting. They all have been fun and exciting.

I would like to thank you for all the delicious dinners you make me. Thank you for all the time you put into making these wonderful dinners. I really like it when you make seafood, like clam chowder. I also really love your cookies, especially the double fudge cookies.

I really am thankful for all of the wonderful Christmases you have prepared for me. I like it when we go out and look at the Christmas lights together. All the presents I have gotten from you are amazing and fun to play with. I absolutely adore the chemistry set you got for me. There are so many experiments to do.

I love you so much!

I have never received a love letter before, and somehow I had never expected to get one from my son.

This one tugged at my heart like no other ever could.

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