Friday, February 16, 2007

I Should've Gone Last Week when it was Sunny

I joined the entire grade 6/7 classes, along with Jake, on a field trip yesterday downhill skiing at a mountain over near the city.

Ever ski in monsoon-like rain so bad that it's beneficial to take your glasses off and ski almost blind?

How about near white out conditions?

Wind so bad that that it closes down the chairlifts?

...and it also closes the gondola that gets you to the bottom of the mountain to the bus?

...AND forces you to wait in the chalet for about 3 hours with 60+ pre-teens, all the while wondering if you'll be forced to spend the night on the mountain-like a colossal sleep over?

.....AND in a stroke of luck opens so you don't have to spend the night, but you do miss the ferry by 10 minutes and then have to spend another hour and a half waiting in a boring ferry terminal while the cold, wet, hungry, tired kids are ready to climb the walls?

I'm going to bed-even my fingers are stiff.

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