Monday, February 26, 2007

The Great Peanut Challenge

They call my name in the morning....

"Hey! We'd be great on your toast! All warm and gooey, melted in the bread with butter. A little salty, a little need us! You want us! You must have us!"

In the afternoon.....

"Just a few of us in a Snickers bar won't hurt..."

In the evening....

"This jar is mighty dark! Don't you want to nibble on a few of us while we are just sitting here, coated in a nice sweet crunchy toffee coating?"

They lurk in everything from cereals to granola bars, the baked goods at Starbucks and my favorite ice cream.


I may not be deathly allergic to those little crunchy nuggets of yum, but they don't like me. Or rather, my body doesn't like THEM.

Years ago when I was tested for allergies, the cousins of this little morsel were singled out for extermination from my diet-goodbye almonds, walnuts, and hazelnuts. I thought I'd hit the jackpot being able to continue to eat peanuts, because fortunately according to my allergist, consuming them won't kill me. My body just doesn't like them and lets me know in creative ways.

The really stupid thing is that I can't seem to stop eating them. I crave them, and you know, it is really hard to take everything nutty out of your diet when just about everything you love contains nuts.

"Oh really, well, that must be why you're skinny," a co-worker shoves a bite of chocolate hedgehog cake in their mouth as a stray hazelnut crumb falls to their plate. The room smells like a bakery, and everyone is passing around slices of my favorite cake ever. The cake I ate before I heard I was allergic. I look folornly at the banana I'm holding and resist the urge to shove it up their nose. Do they really think for one second I'd rather be eating the fruit?

(excuse me while I exit the room and scream for a minute)

So while my friend Liesel laments about staying away from cheese, I threw her a challenge. Stay away from cheese, and I'll give up peanuts. For good. No peanut butter, no Snickers bars, no toffee crunch peanuts (oh god those are so tasty), no Moose tracks ice cream. No granola bars, trail mix, or even certain types of cereal. This house will be a completely nut free zone.

Think we can do it?

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