Monday, February 12, 2007

Chocolate Ganache Heaven

It started out like this. Fresh, chocolatey smelling, brought home right from the bakery. My car smells like a Purdy's shop.

Then it was cut. Candles were placed in it, which were lit and songs were sang. Badly. We are not American Idols in this house, that's for sure.

Said during this shot, "Mom! You could photograph every crumb!" Yes. I love macro.
Each of us got a small slice of this tiny 4 inch cake-which, on first sight, seems far too small. However, we are experienced chocolate ganache cake eaters. One little slice is just perfect. While I snapped pictures, The Hubs and Jake ate theirs and began to eye mine.

"Don't TOUCH my CAKE." fork poised, ready to stab any intruder, I was like a lion protecting a fresh kill.

The plates were practically licked clean and we all sat back and looked at each other's chocolate stained lips.

"Oh. Ya. Happy Birthday Handy Dad!" Somewhere out of the cake induced haze, we realized that yes-it's a birthday event, and that we should be saying something kind and thoughtful.

Handy Dad tucked away this tasty little morsel for later.

The true test of a marriage.....not pilfering the last piece of cake as a midnight snack.

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