Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Bullet-y News in the Jar

Wanna know what we've been up to? Here's the news of the week in bullets....

-we have since recovered from being stiff and sore as a result of our ski trip. However the flu is making rounds in my workplace and I'm expecting a visit shortly, especially when Jake complains of achiness. Must. Wash. Hands. Every. Five. Minutes.

-Enrichment homeschooling was all worked out, up and running. Jake and I were hashing out these stupid science worksheets, and I finally got him interested in it and going well....and WHAM! It's now out of the question. After what, a week?

All because I got a new job.

YES! And may I add, I'm a little relieved? You see, I don't love home schooling. I work all day with kids at school and I don't want that role at home. I want to be Mom, not teacher.

I'm working more hours at a school very close to home, which is way cool. Not that I won't miss the school I was at, but...well...you know. More hours is good. And, a nice perk is that they have this nifty gym which would allow me to work out right after work. I have no idea what I'll be doing there, but hey, it's a job!

I'm so excited!

-A few days ago I got a call from a provincial newspaper about this topic. They wanted my opinion. I wasn't so sure what to say, and when I finally formulated it and called them back, I haven't heard anything else. So I'm not sure where that is going. But seriously, why would they call me? Who cares about my opinion? I mean, I'm glad they asked, I'm just sayin', you know?

-Then we also got a call about the whole question of assessing Jake. I know that months ago we decided no, but apparently we were totally misinformed. They weren't going to test him for just one thing but a multitude, and they made such a great case for it that we relented. So add in some whole day trip to the city involving a zillion docs, filling out forms, and general stress for all of us. Been there done that? Please offer some suggestions. I'm not looking forward to the experience.

-And, more big news. If anyone who reads my blog regularly remembers the post "Heart of Gold", it is being considered for a "Chicken Soup for the Special Needs Soul" book. I am completely thrilled that they would consider the story! I'll let you all know if it makes it to publication because we as a family plan to dedicate it to a very special person.

So, that's my week. How 'bout you?

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