Saturday, January 06, 2007

Pick a Letter, Any Letter....

You know when you get married, and your husband has a bunch of ugly or useless junk that you long to get rid of but he clings to like a security blanket? This is the dilemma of marrying someone who is much older. He had a whole HOUSE full of stuff like that. Fortunately the 3 or 4 moves have provided much opportunity to get rid of the ancient golf clubs, the vacuum older then me, and the dishes from the 1950s. I'm still working on the last three items. Three! Pictures are coming, trust me.

Then I found this shirt in the closet yesterday.

A friend brought it back from Hawaii years ago. The Hubs hasn't worn it, but there have been times where he's been tempted. When Jake was in grade three and we were at war with a school district, Handy Dad held it up and considered wearing it for an IEP meeting (for 3 seconds, I thwarted that one). Then it was when relatives came to visit, which again, I thwarted. Okay maybe not. I almost ripped it out of his hands and wore it myself, but I resisted.

Some things are just better left unsaid.

On the other hand, I'm keeping it. Just in case.

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