Thursday, January 11, 2007

Wild Weather Story #....?

There has been so many incidents of wild weather, I'm beginning to lose track. No longer are the cases of the polar ice caps melting and global warming something that's just on tv and in movies, but it's here. Did you know there is no snow in Ontario? Postcards From the Mothership blogs about that here. A Peek Inside the Fishbowl even mentions it. As for Western Canada, you have our own adventures here, here, and here. Okay, Mother Nature, I get it. You hate us now.

Let's face it, the seasons are incredibly screwed up. Badly. Probably beyond repair.

There was a storm forecast the other day, but things didn't look too bad. I was driving home from work and decided to stop at the drug store to buy toilet paper. There had been dire warnings of a nasty squall approaching, but not having had any experience with one I brushed it off. Uh....stupid. Yep. That's me. No, I wasn't prepared for the instant hurricane-like winds that were suddenly upon us and literally ripped off scores of branches, sent signs flying, and blew sideways rain and snow. I have never in my life seen the thing that blew through town over the 15 minutes I was in the drug store. Personally I was just thankful that I had stopped and wasn't in the car. Instead staff and customers alike stood at the windows with our mouths open in shock.

Once the winds seemed to have calmed somewhat, I left and began driving in the direction of Jake's school. However at a certain point I had to make a choice: sit in the line up of cars that were delayed due to construction on the road underneath towering trees that were prone to falling, or go through the back roads. I took the back roads-I don't want to be a sitting duck just waiting to be flattened into a pancake, thank you. Not with the wind still going as it was. If I thought it was bad that other time, that was nothing compared to this. I wish that I had a video to show you all-it was scary!

So there I went-winding through the backroads as the squall continued to blow. Snow was flying at me furiously, I dodged garbage cans and large branches literally flying through the air, feeling very much like I was in some scenes from the movie "Twister". Especially when, at some point, I heard a loud CRACK and a bang, and realized that directly to my right a very large tree had snapped part way up and had fallen over. My good fortune was that it fell away from my car instead of on top of it as I passed, but nonetheless, I just about hyperventilated in fright.

Mere blocks from the school, I began to breathe a sigh of relief until the very traffic in front of me was turning around. No! No! My plan to get to the school was thwarted because another large tree had fallen directly across the road, taking power lines with it. I had to double back.

Almost a full hour late, Jake and I made it home to a powerless house yet again. However, since this was the fifth time we've lost power, we decided against going out for dinner. I mean really, this is getting expensive! Besides, we have propane in the garage and a campstove. We could make something, right?

Ever make pasta in the pitch dark by flashlight? You can't see if it's boiling over, or if the water is even boiling at all. Not to mention that you are freezing because the doors all have to be open to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning. It's not much fun-but we got a great hot dinner on the table, and then our ritual of curling up under mounds of blankets in front of the fireplace.

Okay Mother Nature, we get it. I promise to recycle everything I can, drive less, and do everything I can to conserve. Please, pretty please, can we NOW go back our regular weather?

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