Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Bullety Stuff Cause I'm Lazy (or Tired)

The week so far in bullets:

Oh my gosh, is it only Tuesday? As in, I have 3 days until Friday? Oy.

*Tomorrow we have a memorial to go to for Jake's friend. We chatted tonight about what to expect, that it's okay to cry, and not to be anxious and worried about it. He's debated the pros and cons of going, and I've encouraged him to go because it's closure. Expect me to be drained and weepy Mom with the giant Kleenex box in the corner.

*I have finally registered for courses and now I'm trying to navigate the world of student loans. Which should just be printed in Arabian, for all I know. I'm frustrated and annoyed, and inwardly freaking out about the cost of it all, not to mention the sheer thought of doing school. Of course it's Keyboarding and Computers and the Internet, which shouldn't be a problem but you never know. Think I can get graded on blogging?

*Jake's class is going skiing in February. Skiing! Downhill! Did I mention how much I love skiing? $250+ later.....ouch. Jake is going skiing. I'm...um...driving them to the ferry. (I'm so bummed about that, but c'est la vie) We should've hocked more fund raising chocolate around the neighborhood, is all I can say.

*My washer is making wild and wonderful noises. Handy Dad listened for a bit and proclaimed that something is loose, but to me it sounds like one of the laundry gnomes has taken up residence. Some sort of rocking and rolling thing happening, only when it's on spin. Send my washer happy thoughts. I just wouldn't be able to stand it if it quit.

I still can't believe it's only Tuesday.

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