Sunday, January 14, 2007

Fresh Air and Fallen Trees

Today in an effort to get some fresh air, we went for a hike in a nearby forest. The squall that roared through here last week did some significant damage to the trees, and Jake was floored by the sight of this one. Many had been buzzed up into sizeable chunks so that the route was passable, but it was still a little eerie to see so many down and the huge amount of branches all over the path.

There's a stream that runs through the park, and ice had formed on the branches of the over hanging trees, looking more like clear, glittery teeth then anything. It's very unusual for us to have ice like that, so it's much colder then usual the last week or so. We tried to get some pictures but it was too dark for the camera and they didn't quite turn out. Jake just liked the danger of hanging out by the stream. Watch out! It was very cold-if he fell in......brrrr!!!!!

Then it was time for cookie baking to soothe the hearts of the other adults in his life. Jake requested that we make the 'best chocolate cookies we have' since they were his friend's 'favorite.' I couldn't resist and made three different kinds of cookies-these delectable looking ones are Double Fudge Brownie cookies. My favorite!

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