Friday, January 12, 2007

Remembering the Music

Photo by ctd_2005

J:"I miss my friend already." Jake sighed through his tears. It was bedtime, and I as soon as I heard the sniffles beginning, I had wordlessly crawled right into Jake's bed and held him. He had been so full of questions and hurt that I cried right there along with him.

J:"Why did they have to die?"

Me:"It was just their time, sweetie. Right now, I know your heart hurts. It always hurts a lot when someone you care about dies. Remember when Mom's friend died?"

J:"Ya, your heart must've hurt a lot."

Me:"It did, for a long time. But after awhile,your heart doesn't hurt so much anymore. You never forget, but instead it hurts just a teeny bit."


Me:"Promise. You just remember all the good memories of the person. The things that made them special to you."

J:"I know what I'll remember."

Me:"What, babe?"

J:"The music. I'll bet he's playing a guitar for the angels right now."

Which is the memory that I'm sure our friend, to whom music was so important, would have wanted Jake to have.

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