Wednesday, January 03, 2007

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With Christmas here and the Hubs being sick, our usual movie-fest has ballooned into epic proportions. The holidays is typically a time where we catch up on our movie watching, but this year we've done a lot more then usual. What have we been watching?

A Christmas Carol (starring George C Scott)-I normally have never liked this movie or any other adaptation of the tale, but it is Handy Dad's favorite. Consequently he must watch it every Christmas, and it has sort of grown on us to the point where I bought him the DVD. Actually it's quite good, and we enjoy watching it every year.

The Polar Express-Since the book was our Christmas Eve bedtime tradition ever since Jake was born (on December 21, mind you) I was excited to see the movie version this year. It's not bad, although the whole running/winding through chutes, the train etc gets a little boring. Despite great animation and Tom Hanks awesome preformance, it was obvious that Jake had far outgrown the story and was ready to move on to something more adult. Good for the little kids!

Click-Our family are fans of Adam Sandler movies, especially Mr. Deeds. This one was funny and sad at the same time, with a little 'inappropriate' humour thrown in. We enjoyed the story and it was good for a chuckle. Save it for the older kids, and if you are squeamish about dogs humping a stuffie, pass it by. Otherwise it's pretty funny.

The Da Vinci Code-I was told that if we hadn't read the book we'd enjoy the movie. The movie was interesting but not as 'action packed' as the girl at the video store told us. I'm the type of movie-goer that avoids movies that are hyped up, because they never seem to fulfill the expectations placed on them. We relented and rented the movie and while it was good, we didn't think it was fantastic. There were some great twists to the story though and even though it was 3 hours long, it didn't get boring.

The World's Fastest Indian-I can't explain it, but after having actually been to the Bonneville Salt Flats and seeing Speed Week, this movie was amazing. The Salt Flats are just as they are in the movie, and Wendover looks very much the same. It's weird to see a movie where you recognize the places! The comraderie of the racing teams is portrayed with incredible accuracy and Burt Munro's drive to accomplish his goal is just incredible. In the end, all three of us were cheering. Mostly because that's what Speed Week is-everyone is competing, but they all cheer each other on.

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