Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Years In The ER

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"My husband is such a baby when he's sick," is the line that I hear from most women. Well I must have hit the jack pot ladies, because mine rarely wants to be pampered when he's sick. Instead he's like a dog-you know, the kind that run off into the forest alone and dies or something. He won't admit that he's sick until he's really, really sick. Before anyone tells me what a blessing that is, believe me, I'd rather have a guy that complains. At least someone that complains lets you know when they feel like they are dying, as opposed to one that says nothing until he's almost actually on death's doorstep. Then it's like..."oh ya, I think I feel a little off."

So while the last week or so of him sounding like a train whistle at night when he's struggling for breath had me worried so much that I didn't sleep hardly at all, I had faith. He kept promising to go to the doctor.

Of course though, being a man, he didn't.

I was in full on pajama clad lazy mode, not planning to do anything yesterday but relax, until I glanced over at him on the couch. Call it my wife radar, instinct, or whatever, but I seem to know when it's time to get him into a doctor. This was it.

"Okay, get dressed, we're going to the ER," (no, I didn't take him in my pajamas....really!) He didn't protest and anyone that knows my husband well, knows that if he doesn't protest then he's really sick. Bingo.

Jake sat in the waiting room while I got John comfortable and talking to a nurse, and I proceeded to float back and forth from the ER to the waiting room,supporting and encouraging both of them. Jake was understandably nervous.

"I remember that other time Mom," he says quietly. "I was traumatised. It's too fresh." he looks at his fingernails. "Can we go to McDonalds after?"


Three hours and $170 worth of prescription med later, we were ready to go home. I found Jake sitting in the waiting room surrounded by other adults waiting for loved ones. The laughter could be heard down the hall as Jake entertained them with stories about our family. Hey, who needs a blog? I have a kid that just tells everyone everything.

"We have decided we should hire your boy to be mayor!" A woman next to him rubs his head affectionately. "You have a great kid." She smiles at us warmly and wishes us a happy New Year. You know, it's amazing and I have no idea how he does it, but Jake makes friends where ever we go.

Even in the ER.

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