Wednesday, January 10, 2007


So Liesel, a friend over at Dante's Inferno with Children, tagged me to do a meme of five things you all don't know about me. Which, of course would be completely easy if I wasn't like her and "share all the soft and squishy parts of myself regularly", but I'll try.

1. I'm probably the world's worst procrastinator. There. I admitted it. I procrastinate at anything that is uncomfortable, a pain, or has to do with cleaning. Things like washing my car, cleaning the shower, returning DVDs to the store, etc. It's BAD.

2. I learned to scuba dive on the Great Barrier Reef. Have I shared that yet? I never thought I'd see Australia, but the Hubs took me there for my honeymoon. We stayed in a little cabin on Fitzroy Island and for four days (out of the three weeks) we did nothing but feast on gourmet food, sleep, and taking scuba diving lessons. It was SO.MUCH.FUN. We even went back to the Barrier Reef for our first anniversary and dove again. We even considered moving to Cairns, Australia.

3. I generally wear jeans and sweaters or other casual tops. I'm not really a dress it up kinda gal, I don't even think I own a skirt, and maybe one dress. Don't even get me started on high heels. They may be sexy, but they aren't for me. Fashionista I am not, I'm more of a "keep it comfy" kind of person.

4. Although, if you're talking lipsticks, I'm so there. I have probably about 15 lipsticks in all different shades. Of course I'm always losing them, and then I buy another one to make up for it, then find the first one, and you get the idea. Oh, and if they are on sale, watch out! I buy a bunch! Some women love shoes, for me it's lipsticks.

5. I am greatly repulsed by leatherjackets(Crane Flies) I'm not sure why, but those giant mosquito-like bugs flopping around on the walls give me the shivers. I actually leave the room, to be honest. Ewww. On the other hand, I don't mind snakes at all and will happily hold one and let it curl around my arm. Strange, huh?

So there you go. Probably nothing that you found interesting, but 5 things about me nonetheless.

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