Monday, January 01, 2007

Highlights of 2006

It's 2007.

Years ago, when the dinosaurs roamed the Earth, I used to sit in my English class and figure out what year it would be when I was 30, 40, etc and marvel at how far away it seemed. It's 2007 and I'm 35. Boy, did that go quick. I feel old now. Even older that while I stayed up until 3 am last night, I had to sleep in until noon and I'm still groggy from it. Was I dressed up to the nines, at a party dancing the night away and drinking champagne?

No. I was in my pjs watching movies. See? Old. (hee hee)

I'm still in my pjs now as I'm typing. Hubs let Jake and I sleep in. We woke up at noon and I put together a huge breakfast of pancakes, bacon, and hot cups of tea. The kitchen looks like a tornado hit it and here I sit. Blogging.

Hello 2007. 2006 was good to us, we'll miss you. I thought of writing a Year in Review post like over at Suburban Turmoil, but I haven't blogged for a year. How could I? My friend Kelly has a really cute "Year in Pictures" post-go check it out.

I thought I would share some of our family highlights with some of the updates that have occured since.

*Jake started the year with an obsession with the inner workings of firearms, but has since moved onto chemistry. Thank GOD. While I don't understand what he's talking about any more now then I did then, neighborhood parents seem to find discussions on Hydrogen and Chlorine far more acceptable.

*My first ever post on this blog (in April) was about the old tv collecting dust in the living room. In December Handy Dad actually got rid of it. We did a celebratory dance upon it's exit.

*We were invaded by clover mites twice-once in May, and again in October. I'm told they may make a return appearance in 2007. I should buy stocks in Raid.

*I paid homage to Jake's incredible teachers as the school year ended and we celebrated the beginning of summer (believe me, with a learning disabled child you celebrate the end of a school year more then most people) This school year is also going well as we look forward to numerous field trips and will get to go downhill skiing.

*Jake and I had some adventures of our own on the bike trail and he tried, once again, to garner some Canada Day Cake. In 2007, I plan to make our own Canada Day cake so he will finally have his wish. We also are going to do more mountain biking, but I plan to buy a MAP.

*Our family took an 8000 km road trip through Western Canada and the Southwestern USA where we rode in Hummers, were almost struck by lightening, tried Southern American cuisine, came face to face with rattlesnakes, and hugged our three very large grand-dogs. We are making plans to return to the states of Utah and Colorado, as well as Calgary Alberta. Vanessa is expecting another dog soon so we will have another addition to the family.

*I started a job, Jake went back to school, we avoided the bears in our neighborhood, and we started up a spider farm. The bears are currently sleeping and the spiders have escaped.

*We weathered (pun intended) some serious storms and power outages during which we learned how to make storm s'mores and I got a good lesson in emergency preparedness. I tried to participate in NaBloPoMo, but missed a day of posting because of a power outage. We now have enough batteries, propane and candles to last the storm season and hopefully all the trees that were weak and sickly have already fallen so we won't have anymore land on the power lines.

*December brought more storms and power outages, Jake's birthday, and me foolishly agreeing to bake gingerbread houses for Jake's classroom. Which will not happen again. (the gingerbread, that is)

What's on the agenda for 2007? I suppose you'll have to stick around to find out.

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