Monday, January 08, 2007

The Case of the Disappearing Hairdressers

Conversation on the phone yesterday....

"Hello, ____________ Hair Salon."

Me: "Hello, I'd like to make a hair appointment please."



" are no hair dressers."


"We have no hair dressers today. Nobody is here. Can you come another day?"

Where did all the hairdressers go? Were they kidnapped? Was there a hair cutting convention? Are they misplaced, like my keys? With nobody there, why would the place be open?

Me:"Uh, wait a sec. You are a hair salon, you are open, but there's nobody there to cut hair?"

So who the heck are you then? Isn't that like Starbucks being open with no baristas? Only I'd just jump the counter and say "hey, I worked for you people, I'll make my own tall maple latte, thanks.". I'm not about to cut my own hair or I'll start looking like Bart Simpson..

"No, sorry. Nobody here. "

So.... I'm speaking to air? Maybe all the hairdressers have been murdered and I'm talking to a ghost?

Me:"Uh...ya. I'll call you back later in the week."

(singsong voice)"....oh sure, no problem, I'll be here...."

Way too creepy.

Oh well, maybe by Tuesday, they'll have found them. I really don't want to look like Bart Simpson.

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