Sunday, January 21, 2007

By George, I think she's GOT IT!

Today after our weekly Sunday hike, Handy Dad suggested we go to London Drugs (sort of like a Walgreens). Which to you Americans may seem weird considering what we bought, but here in Canada London Drugs has a great electronics section.

Handy Dad wanted to buy me Windows XP so that not only could I being going all crazy-like with my digital camera from Christmas, but I could also have a nice updated operating system for when I get my online courses going. What a sweet guy, huh?

So after supper we so innocently start installing the software, thinking that "geez, it's just an upgrade, no problems, right?" (Cue diabolical laughter here)

First of all, I'd like it if the lovely people who write the installation instructions with the software could explain why it says on their website but not in the instructions that come with the stupid thing to uninstall your Anti Virus software. Ours was supposed to be compatible, but instead if reacted as if we had just put Rosie O'Donnell and Donald Trump together in the computer. They simply refused to be nice to each other, and instead continually hurled insults. We finally separated them, re-installed the Anti Virus thing, and now they play happily together. Who knew? That took...oh...maybe about 2 hours. Or so. With a lot of resisting from just screaming and beating the computer with a baseball bat.

Then of course you also had me, being the one that always follows the directions like a good girl, setting up different Administrator accounts thinking I'm all smart and everything. Only the fact was that the e-mail program we use worked in one account, but not the others. All it took was to delete the other accounts and use the main one-just a few measly clicks solved the problem. How long did that take to figure out? Oh, just a good 3 hours or so. By that time I was having a fit because all my course outlines and every e-mail address I had appeared to have been sent to the great computer file heaven. That wouldn't look good, calling up my professors and telling that that I don't have the e-mail because my computer screwed up, considering one of the courses is called "Computers and the Internet". Sure. Obviously, I need the course.

By the time we got that all figured out, I was happily playing away and Handy Dad suggested that I set up the Digital Camera software. Of course I couldn't refuse and so I poked and prodded, and fiddled some more to get that working too.

So it's late and my computer now runs perfectly fine, and in parting I'm giving you this lovely shot. It is from our hike last week-it had been so cold out that ice had formed along all the branches and logs over the river-doesn't that just look cool?

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