Friday, December 01, 2006

Spendy spendy spendy

I heard on the news that people living in BC tend to shop online more then in other provinces in Canada. Which must be true because I just placed a huge order with this place for my son's big Christmas gift.

Ya. Enough to make me gulp and say "Ouch" when I hit that send button. On the other hand, it's a totally educational gift that can keep him busy for MONTHS. Although I have to say, when he gets to high school science classs he'll be bored silly. Oh well. It's better then a Playstation!

This weekend we trek into the city to do Christmas shopping, but with this big gift out of the way, the rest is easy. No. I'm not posting what it is. Knowing my son, he'll be reading this blog at school to find out. HA! BUSTED! Go back to doing your math, you nosey kid!

We have a really weird ritual for Christmas gifts that I'm almost embarrassed to admit. Basically I get an amount of money, so does Hubs, and we bid each other "happy shopping!". We even go so far as to wrap our own purchases and actually stick them under the tree, then get excited about them on Christmas morning. People who hear about it look at us as if we've just admitted that we enjoy fruitcake and keep a herd of reindeer in the back yard. However, we find that our rather unconventional (read:boring) approach does two things for us... a) we stick to the budget and b) I can finally buy my husband a gift in peace.

Christmas gift buying used to be stressful in my house. I have the kind of husband that adores spoiling everyone else but who has an aversion to receiving. He hates presents. If you stand there and outright give him something he's gracious enough, but if there's any hint that you've bought him something he gets annoyed and tells you not to. We used to fight every single year about it until we adopted the shop for ourselves technique, and now everyone is happy. He can pick out some power tool thing at Home Depot that I would have no idea how to find and sits in the car lovingly stroking the box, completely appeased and happy. Generally he still buys me more, and insists on it. I just let him do that because hey, I'm all for keeping him happy if that's what it takes. I can make that sacrifice for the happiness of the holiday. Besides we have a tendency to splurge only on the child and buy the things we need for ourselves. For example I really need a coat and shoes, but I really want this (must. stop. drooling.)

So you already know we don't shop well together to begin with. Not to mention we're also bringing our son, who is sensitive to being overwhelmed by sensory input. In a mall. Shopping. Christmas. In the city. Can you say overload faster then Santa finishes the plate of Christmas cookies?

This should be interesting.

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