Friday, December 22, 2006

Silent Night

I'm sitting here at my computer, feeling guilty that I haven't written anything much the last couple of days, with a steaming cup of gingerbread spice tea in front of me. I should have so much to say with things so busy, but instead I feel Goldie Hawn in the movie "Overboard." You know the part, where she has finally had enough of the husband, his kids and the dog, and she's sitting in the chair saying, "bububububububub"

That's me. Exhausted. Spent. Christmased out.

I don't know what it is about holidays, hoopla, parties, and a zillion people that gives some so much energy. I remember as a child, my Mom would easily have 30+ people over and have a huge dinner...every year. We'd go to parties, concerts, church parties, socials, you name it. Except even as a child, I did a funny thing. At home when the party would be in full swing, I'd retreat to the quiet of my sister's room, pull out a book, and read. The quiet was welcome to my throbbing head. I just couldn't take the noise, the people, the excitement. It was too much.

By the time school ends for Christmas holidays I'm always Christmased out. I'm ready to just hole up at home over the next few days and spend my time staying in pjs until noon, baking, cleaning around the house, and getting ready for Christmas. It's hard for other people to understand, but I really just can't take all the social events. We prefer to have our own quiet, low keyed Christmas with some movies, good food, and each other.

Many people don't understand our way of 'doing' Christmas. Some think it's antisocial, boring, or weird....but for me, chatting over a cup of tea with my 11 year old beats a party any day.

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