Friday, December 29, 2006

Revenge of the Nerds*

(*With apologies to the movie......)

Conversation at the skating rink....

Friend: Hey Jake, what kind of Nintendo did you get for Christmas?

Jake: Huh? I didn't get a Nintendo.

Friend: You're kidding me, right? Everyone gets a Nintendo at Christmas.
(in these parts Ipods, cell phones, and video game systems were the hot thing for 11-13 year olds)

Jake: I don't like Nintendos....I'd probably just take it apart, anyway.

Friend: Oh. So what did you get?

Jake: This way awesome Chemistry set where I can do all sorts of experiments.


Friend: You really ARE a nerd, aren't you?

In the car on the way home....

Mom: You know what you can say next time?

Jake: What?

Mom: Bill Gates was a nerd too. I'm sure people don't think that now that he's a billionaire, do they?

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